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Building the Concert Snare Drummer Through Etudes (.pdf)

Previewing Lee's Symphonic Symphonic Snare Drum Lab at PASIC 2016.

Percussive Notes - September, 2016


Dodging the 'Curve Ball' at Orchestra Auditions (.pdf)


Suggestions on how to prepare for the unexpected at orchestral percussion auditions.

Percussive Notes - March, 2010 - September, 2010 


Stop Practicing the Excerpts! (.pdf)

Previewing Lee's Symphonic Clinic at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention.

Percussive Notes - August / September, 2009 


Nokes & Nicolai: Boston, MA Drum Builders, 1912 - 1926

An article about early Boston drum builders Nokes & Nicolai.

Not So Modern Drummer Magazine - Volume 16.1, Winter 2010 


Note: Updated article can now be found at


Refining Your Snare Drum Playing for Orchestra Auditions (.pdf)


What are some of the common issues with snare drumming at orchestral auditions? How does one go about addressing problems in each of these areas?

Percussive Notes - April, 2009


The Innovations of Harry A. Bower


An article about early 20th century author, inventor, and Boston Symphony Percussionist, Harry A. Bower.


Not So Modern Drummer Magazine - Volume 15.1, Winter 2009 (Excerpts), - 2009 


Note: Updated article can now be found at



Lee Vinson: Auditioning for the BSO (.pdf)

An interview by Omar Carmenates which covers a lot of bases including a little bit about my background, the process of auditioning, and getting started with the Boston Symphony Orchestra in 2007.


Percussive Notes - August, 2008 

A Lesson on Mussorgsky's Night on Bald Mountain (.pdf) - August, 2007 


Connecting Your Head and Your Hands (.pdf)


This article addresses the connection between technical practice and mental visualization in preparing excerpts for an audition. - 2008, - August, 2010



Clinic Materials: 


Fundamentals of Concert Snare Drumming (.pdf)

Outline used for my one hour clinic on all things related to snare drum technique.


The Rudimental Connection (.pdf)


Drawing connections between the Percussive Arts Society International Drum Rudiments and Jaque Delecluse's Twelve Etudes for Snare Drum. Part of Lee's Delecluse snare drum clinic notes.

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